Epic Collectibles Saga Revealed

Although the CSR Collectibles website was officially launched in 2018, Doug Mcleod and Shoeb Malik have been friends and business partners since 2007, successfully running two of the most respected companies in the Central Florida entertainment scene for over a decade.

Their skill set in running CSR Promotions and Liftoff Management, both services that call for a high degree of consistency, availability, and reliability, organically transferred to their latest venture thanks to proximity to noteworthy celebs and being avid memorabilia collectors themselves:

“We are definitely collectors ourselves. Shoeb is a huge San Francisco 49ers fan, so he’ll pick up basically anything San Francisco 49ers from the 80s to present day,” Mcleod explains.

“I love to collect full-size, classic Horror Movie posters, photos and posters of my other favorite movies like Back to the Future and Willy Wonka, and of course, San Antonio Spurs and Miami Dolphins collectibles!”

Finding the transition into the collectibles market both seamless and fun, the pair quickly discovered that the thrill of helping others grow their favorite collections also became a favorite aspect of their work:

“We love making someone’s day when they receive a package from us,” describes Malik. “In addition, we get to control our destiny with CSR Collectibles. We get to meet many celebrities and we have opportunities to do a business deal with them or through someone, we can make it happen. It’s a great feeling.”

The exciting pace has already yielded some memorable company moments, including an early 2017 signing with Nick Castle (Halloween) that gave the new enterprise much credibility, a signing with Linda Blair (The Exorcist) that benefited her personal dog rescue campaign, as well as a 2017 signing with the now-deceased Steve Dash (Jason II) that continues to uphold the cherished actor and stuntman’s revered legacy.

“We pride ourselves on having a very diverse selection and making sure every piece of memorabilia that is sold is authenticated and 100% authentic,” said Mcleod. “This ensures the item will maintain its value over time.”

Although determining which items and celebrity signings to add can be challenging, the goals of innovating new concepts, continuing to maintain popular items, introducing new collectors to the hobby, and taking pride in helping others build their collections keep both Doug and Shoeb motivated every day:

“If you love what you do, everything comes naturally,” Malik shares. “People will see it and do business with you organically.”